Supervision, Leadership and Consulting

Clinical Supervision, Mental Health Accreditation, Consultation and Leadership

Ashton Hayes Consulting helps people who help people. 

By offering clinical supervision, leadership training and consulting to organisations large and small, Ashton Hayes Consulting provides services that help prevent burnout, create cohesive and supportive team environments, as well providing guidance for leaders and organisations who want to be trauma informed. 

We are passionate about supporting good mental health and offer targeted support to social workers seeking to attain mental health accreditation through our Becoming an AMHSW program and resources

Meet Ashton

I am an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, private practice owner and Clinical Supervisor.  I have a particular passion for supporting social workers seeing mental health accreditation and have worked in human services and mental health settings for the majority of my career, in frontline and leadership roles. I use trauma informed principles of safety, choice, collaboration, trustworthiness and empowerment in my work with all clients, whether individuals or groups or companies

Supervision, Leadership, Consulting

We provide clinical supervision for all staff working in the human services fields, from managers to team leaders to caseworkers.

We also offer training and consultation to support you to ensure your agency and your staff are delivering trauma informed services

Our unique Trauma Informed Leadership Program supports leaders, both established and emerging to engage with staff and stakeholders using a trauma informed lens. This program ensures that learning is embedded and implented over time, making the workplace, safer, more collaborative and empowered

Roadmaps for Mental Health Accreditation

The AMHSW Roadmap is an eBook series that supports social workers to understand the eligibility requirements and processes to achieve mental health accreditation

We also have a number of online courses being released which are self paced and offer clarity and guidance on career choices and credentials

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What my clients say…

“This was my first social work supervision and I found Ashton Hayes supervision group informative and instructive. Ashton as having a calm and professional approach and was most helpful with difficult case studies. The information pack that was sent out before the supervision sessions was most helpful for preparation”.