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Supervision is a critical component of professional development and support for anyone working in human services and/or managing people working in human services and can be a requirement of professional accreditation.  Ashton provides supervision to social workers, case workers, team leaders, managers, mental health workers and students completing their social work degrees (undergraduate and masters) as well as students from other disciplines.  Ashton also provides specialist supervision and training for social workers wishing to become an Accredited Mental Health Social worker.  She provides supervision to individuals and teams.

What my clients say…

“I am a caseworker with an NGO and support women and children who are in crisis.  I receive supervision from Ashton on a regular basis and find this work invaluable for a number of reasons: 1) supervision with Ashton gives me a safe space to interrogate my casework practices; 2) I am accountable to my clients, my organisation, Ashton and myself; 3) Ashton’s approach is one informed by evidence, experience and education and an open heartedness – I feel safe to reveal what’s on y mind and I always walk away with a renewed viewpoint on my case management practices. I would recommend Ashton to anyone seeking supervision and/or counselling”. 


“I value the guidance I have received from Ashton over the past couple of years in her role as my clinical supervisor and mentor.  Ashton has strong clinical supervision skills and demonstrates clear boundary-setting.  She has walked with me along a path of many complex case management and professional situations.  Ashton continues to encourage me to grow and develop my skills in my role as a domestic violence specialist worker. I highly recommend Ashton – as the time spent with her is of great benefit to both the worker and the clients”.



Ashton’s approach to leadership is through a trauma-informed lens, meaning that leaders will learn how to excel in their roles and support their team members to do the same by creating an environment where their team feels safe and empowered.  People attending this training are taught to lead through collaborative practices and not through fear.  Ashton offers a program that can be delivered to team leaders and/or managers individually or in small groups, helping them to become more effective leaders, through learning about attachment, integrity, transparency and enquiry.

“This course is everything I needed to learn about leadership, covering topics that the average corporate training course does not even begin to address.  It’s changed my perspective on who I am as a leader and where I need to develop, and given me so much to reflect on and learn from.  I know I will be working on implementing these lessons for a long time to come!  I have so much gratitude for Ashton and the energy and experience she brings to the sessions. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to be a more authentic leader and looking for the skills to support both your team and yourself”.

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Ashton is available for consultations with organisations, government services and non-government agencies to provide feedback on becoming a trauma informed service, to develop and provide training and to assist in policy development.

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