Supervision is something I talk about a lot.  All the time. To everyone.  Because I have worked unsupervised (nightmare) and I have worked supervised and as a social worker, I know that having a supervisor is not only part of maintaining my accreditation, but it makes me better at my job, a more skilled clinician, keeps me accountable, allows me to reflect and makes me better in my personal life as well.

When I hear people say they have “check ins” with their manager or team leader, but no external supervision I have to ask why.  The answers can vary but overwhelmingly the response is “I can’t afford it”.  Believe me, I get that. I remember what a social worker’s starting salary is.

People often think of supervision as being a one to one experience.  This is a great way of having supervision and I highly recommend it.

However, there is also group supervision, which is a great way of having regular group supervision.  The cost is usually less than one to one and you get to spend time with others who are at a similar place in their career as you are.

When I offer group supervision I make sure that I group people who will have some understanding where the others in the group are at.  For example, new graduates, those with 2 years or less experience, newly Accredited Mental Health Social Workers and so on.  I also keep my groups to no more than 6 maximum supervisees, sometimes just 4.

Group supervision may need to be more structured to ensure that everyone gets time to speak about what is going on for them and it may also be a space for free flowing discussion.  Agreements as to what form each session is going to take can be made between members of the group.

Group supervision counts towards your Continuing Professional Development in the same way that individual supervision does, and it is a tax deductible expense.  You get everything you get in individual supervision except you pay less. 

One of my group supervisees said:

“…thank you for your guidance and support over these last 6 months during group supervision. The content of each session was relevant and appropriate, expecially during Covid-19. Ashton has given me more confidence and resources to use as a new graduate working in Mental Health. It was a real pleasure to meet and learn from my peers in my group as well…”

Supervision will give you a place to de-brief, a place to learn and a place to increase your knowledge and skills.  Group supervision gives you all of this as well as a safe place of support amongst your peers.

New groups of supervisees are starting soon.  To have a FREE consultation with me about how you can join please CLICK HERE.